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Wine Club

There are 3 shipments per year, February, May and October.

We have three Clubs to choose from:

All Club Members will receive their discount on any and all wines with the exception of wines that are already on sale. From time to time we will email you with sale offerings.

To sign up, use our Wine Order Worksheet to supply us with your contact information, address and shipping address. Feel free to order some wine (and you'll get your discount!), but it isn't required. To make your experience a personal one, we do not take your credit card via the form. You will get a call from our General Manager, Chief Factotum and all-around wonder, Debbie Kennedy. You  can also skip the form and call her directly at 805-260-3441.

There is no fee to join, and you agree to remain a member for 1 year (requires 3 orders/shipments).  If you cancel your membership early, you will be charged an early termination fee ($25 for 3 Three Bottle Club, $50 for Six Bottle Club or $75 for Twelve Bottle Club).